we protect your formulations, we protect lives worldwide

schülke’s sensiva® series provides peerless protection for your leave-on, wet-wipe, and sensitive skin applications.

Consumers want natural products that are effective, but are also safe and sustainable. To bridge this gap, schülke has combined natural, nature-identical and synthetic materials to formulate multifunctional personal care additives that are as efficacious as they are gentle.

By using nature-identical and gentle synthetic materials, activity level, color and odor of schülke's sensiva® products can be controlled precisely and standardized. The consistency and availability of the material can also be managed to create a more sustainable formulation. schülke holds our multifunctional products to the same high standards as our traditional preservatives, so you can be confident that their quality and efficacy are matchless.

sensiva® products can improve the microbiological stability of your formulations, reducing the need for traditional preservatives and making your formulation more gentle and effective.

At schülke, we understand the safety and reliability demands for personal care product protection, because at schülke, we protect lives worldwide.

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At schülke, we understand the safety and environmental demands of formulation protection, because at schülke we protect lives worldwide. Contact us to find out how!