what does it mean to us?

Thinking further and acting responsibly

At schülke, economics, ecology and social commitment place equal demands on our overall corporate thinking and actions. Long before environmental protection became an increasingly important topic of public interest, schülke was a pioneer in sustainability. In 1996, our site in Norderstedt was validated for the first time in accordance with the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). Since then, it has been our ambition to positively impact the ecological key figures, to lower those where possible and to establish long-term energy efficiency at the company. Our main drivers for positive environmental development have been the optimization of processes and the use of improved technologies. This now allows us to focus our efforts on increasing our awareness of sustainable conduct.

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More sustainability – an ongoing process

We compile a sustainability report every three years which not only satisfies environmental statement requirements according to EMAS, but also helps us improve the framework for better sustainability through specific measures. Validated by external environmental experts, this report has drawn great interest from the public. schülke reviews its figures and current developments anew every year. We engage in open dialogue in a self-critical manner and continue to do our best for the future of society with all our strength and determination, within the context of our holistic quality expectations.

Cooperations for intensive exchange

Our strong commitment to quality, environmental protection, work safety and risk management goes far beyond our corporate dimensions. Various memberships and cooperation partnerships give us the opportunity to engage in intensive exchange with others. We are always happy to present our expertise and longstanding experience to interested circles of experts, make suggestions and add new momentum. We want to inform, inspire and motivate others. This, too, is wholly in line with our self-image: fair, reliable and proactive.

Total Quality Management

Common objective: zero errors

The schülke self-conception is based on a holistic approach to quality. It encompasses not only the quality of a product or service in the narrow sense of the word, but all aspects that impact specific customer solutions – and all individual sub-stages. We make every effort to continually improve our products and services, with the objective “zero errors“. For example, during the process we give due consideration to costs and time in addition to the expectations and demands of our customers. We also include the areas of work safety, environmental management, leadership and cooperation in our quality concept. This demand for holistic quality at schülke creates more than economic success; it enables a sustainable contribution to the environment and society.

The schülke Integrated Management System

Those who want to be the best must set their own high standards. More and more standards, laws and guidelines are defining the framework for business activities within our economy or within our field. Many times, schülke has already set these higher standards for ourselves. In 1996, we established our unique Integrated Management System. This system ensures that the structure and organization of our company are in harmony with our company policy and our trend-setting self-image. As an interdisciplinary instrument and within the context of our Total Quality concept, the Integrated Management System enables us to achieve our goals. In addition to internal processes, it regulates a number of other influencing factors: from the fulfillment of customer expectations and requirements, to the observance of work safety, the preservation of resources and the identification of errors and their causes, as well as the provision of staff and resources. It therefore consists of rules and procedures for the following five areas:

  • • Personnel management
  • • Environmental management
  • • Work safety management
  • • Quality management
  • • Risk management

The Integrated Management System covers all departments at our headquarters, as well as all subsidiaries. One company – one uniting standard of which our customers all over the world can be sure.

Audits - Quality needs to be reviewed

When it comes to what we do, we set the highest standards for ourselves. As a result, we subject ourselves to regular self-critical reviews. For these audits, we have established a sophisticated process comprising internal and external review systems. Not only are all statutory requirements met, but also, and above all, we ensure that we meet the high-quality standards that we ourselves have defined. The whole company, plus our suppliers, are included in the review system. The results of these audits underline the high efficiency of our management system, but also reveal any weaknesses and potential for improvement- valuable information that immediately leads to new optimization measures. For schülke, post-audit is pre-audit. 

“ When it comes to what we do, we set the highest standards for ourselves. ”
at schülke - we are all part of the team

Employees & Society

Promoting teamwork

Outstanding achievements and excellent quality are always the result of teamwork. For only by valuing and respecting each other, as well as motivating and inspiring others, can a competitive edge continually be gained. schülke has always made this an integral component of its self-image. schülke successes are team successes. The social environment also impacts on the development of a company in many diverse ways: from the neighborhood at the respective site, to the worldwide public. Maintaining good relations and a constructive community are, therefore, of equally great importance to us at every level.

Identity needs motivation

Valuable products, innovative complete solutions, plus a corporate culture based on trust and team spirit - These are the things that result in a sense of identity. Our employees believe in what they do. We are committed to promoting this awareness on a lasting basis. schülke prides itself on internal communication, intensive exchange, mutual support, feedback and recognition. Safety at work and the protection of our employees‘ health form the cornerstones for the further development of our corporate culture. For us, adherence to all legal requirements represents merely a self-evident minimum requirement. By defining extensive, specific safety regulations we are also setting our standards in this regard. Whether fire protection measures, fire-fighting drills or disease prevention and health counseling, schülke is firmly committed to the physical well-being of its employees. For us, this is an elemental Total Quality goal.

Indebted to science and research

Together, more is achievable. With this belief in mind, schülke also demonstrates initiative and dependability far beyond internal company-related contexts. For example, we developed an outbreak database for the purpose of recording all major infections, which was subsequently handed over to the university of Berlin. This database can be accessed from anywhere in the world for informational and educational purposes. Through the Rudolf Schülke Foundation, founded in 1972, we specifically promote research and development in hygiene and microbiology. Scientists from this foundation, which is highly regarded among experts, are awarded every two years for their outstanding contribution to the specific fields of hygiene, microbiology and preventative medicine.