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schülke news! – Ashland completes acquisition of personal care business of Schülke & Mayr GmbH, a portfolio company of EQT

WILMINGTON, Del., April 30, 2021 -Ashland Global Holdings Inc. (NYSE: ASH) today announced that it has completed the acquisition of the personal care business from Schülke & Mayr GmbH, a portfolio company of the global investment organization EQT.

Under the terms of the agreement, Ashland agreed to a purchase price of €262.5 million in an all-cash transaction funded with bank financing and available cash, subject to customary purchase price adjustments. Ashland expects the acquisition to become immediately accretive to Ashlands earnings per share.

The completion of the acquisition strengthens Ashland's consumer business portfolio and enhances the company's specialty additives position while expanding the company's biotechnology and microbiology technical competencies. The move also advances Ashland's environmental, social and governance (ESC) agenda by further aligning the company's personal care and household portfolio with the 'clean beauty' trend and new generation of consumers seeking products with milder ingredients.

"l am excited to welcome the Schülke and Mayr personal care employees to Ashland. They will help broaden our specialty additives solutions and expand our biotechnology and microbiology technical capabilities," said Guillermo Novo, chairman and chief executive officer, Ashland. "We will continue driving our strategy and focusing on bolt-on acquisitions that create new sustainable solutions in broader fields of application to deliver value to our customers."

"Completing this acquisition supports our strategy to strengthen the profitable growth of our personal care and household business unit," said Xiaolan Wang, senior vice president and general manager, personal care and household, Ashland. "It is my pleasure to welcome our new solvers to Ashland who will further help our customers' brands differentiate and grow in a constantly changing market space." Citi is acting as financial advisor to Ashland, and Squire Patton Boggs LLP is acting as legal advisor.

About Ashland
Ashland Global Holdings Inc. (NYSE: ASH) is a premier specialty materials company with a conscious and proactive mindset for sustainability. The company serves customers in a wide range of consumer and industrial markets, including adhesives, architectural coatings, automotive, construction, energy, food and beverage, nutraceuticals, personal care and pharmaceutical. Approximately 4,200 passionate, tenacious solvers - from renowned scientists and research chemists to talented engineers and plant operators - thrive on developing practical, innovative and elegant solutions to complex problems for customers in more than IOO countries. Visit and to learn more.

About Schülke & Mayr GmbH
The company is a leader in the field of infection prevention and hygiene solutions for more than 130 years. Schülke & Mayr GmbH develops, produces and distributes antiseptics for wound care, disinfectants and medical and cosmetic skin care products and preservatives. The company offers its customers innovative products, solutions and services in the professional healthcare business, over the counter (OTC) and hygiene solutions for the pharma sector. schülke's mission is to protect lives worldwide and thereby actively contributes to patient safety. Today schülke is represented by 20 subsidiaries and sells its products in more than 100 countries. The company is headquartered in Germany, employs more than I ,300 people worldwide and operates production sites in Germany (schülke), France (Bioxal) and Brazil (Vic Pharma).

About EQT
EQT is a purpose-driven global investment organization with more than EUR 75 billion in raised capital and currently more than EUR 46 billion in assets under management across 1 6 active funds. EQT funds have portfolio companies in Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America with total sales of more than EUR 27 billion and approximately 1 59,000 employees. EQT works with portfolio companies to achieve sustainable growth, operational excellence and market leadership. Visit for more information.

Read the full press release

schülke news! – INCI name recommendation of euxyl® ECO 910

We would like to inform you that the INCI name recommendation of lemongrass oil in our product euxyl® ECO 910 "Cymbopogon flexuosus leaf oil" complies with the PCPC (Personal Care Product Council).

We would like to inform you that the INCI name recommendation of lemongrass oil in our product euxyl® ECO 910 "Cymbopogon flexuosus leaf oil" complies with the PCPC (Personal Care Product Council).

Even though PCPC is not a binding listing, it is a guideline for uniform labelling. We have therefore decided to adapt the INCI recommendation of lemongrass oil to: “Cymbopogon flexuosus leaf oil”. Our product euxyl® ECO 910 is now listed under this INCI name at PCPC.

However, since the final decision on the INCI name assignment rests with the producer of the final cosmetic product, it is also possible to continue using the term "herb".

schülke news! – Advocating Curls

Optimizing Textured Hair Product Preservation

schülke’s peer-reviewed article, Advocating Curls - Optimizing Textured Hair Product Preservation was released in the February Issue of Cosmetics & Toiletries Magazine.

Textured hair requires special care to reduce frizz, control curls and moisturize. Some products used to tame curls and minimize frizz can contain high levels of natural oils or nonionic emulsifiers that make formulations difficult to preserve.

The preservative experts at schülke have studied a wide variety of products specifically designed for use on textured hair to discover the best solutions for your formulations. The study test formulas designed for textured hair to determine which preservative systems or alternative multifunctional additives best prevent microbiol contamination.

Click Here For the full article
Get the Textured Hair Care Formulation Booklet

schülke news! – Schülke & Mayr sells its Personal Care Business

Schülke & Mayr sells its Personal Care Business and completes strategic repositioning to a pureplay healthcare company in infection prevention and hygiene solutions.

Schülke & Mayr GmbH ('schülke' or 'the Company') announced today that it has entered into a definite agreement with Ashland, a global leader in specialty materials, for the sale of schülke's global Personal Care business.

Ashland is a global specialty materials company that will enable the PC business to grow further under new ownership.  Schülke is convinced that in Ashland we have found the right and long term partner for Personal Care. Together with Ashland´s industry expertise schülke expects the PC business to boost further its innovation and time to market in a cosmetic minded environment and provide additional access to markets and customers through cross selling opportunities.

Arne Roettger, Director Personal Care Business, commented: “We are thrilled and excited that we found the right harbor for our Personal Care activities. Together with Ashland we will make further progress in our ambition to serve our customers with the best and innovative solutions. The leadership team is fully convinced that this step offers our customers and us tremendous opportunities.”

With this transaction schülke completes its strategic repositioning to a pureplay healthcare company. schülke going forward will focus on its core business in infection prevention and hygiene solutions. This step will create a well-positioned platform to accelerate growth and will allow schülke to further invest in its core business and grow organically and through acquisitions. Overall it will foster a strong and focused customer mindset as well as an agile innovation culture in the schülke organization.

Christian Last, Chief Executive Officer, schülke, commented: "schülke is a pioneer and leader in the field of infection prevention and hygiene solutions for over 130 years. 2020 was an extremely important year for schülke as a critical company in the immense fight against the pandemic. It clearly demonstrated one thing: Our strength lies in serving our customers in the healthcare business segments. Our mission to protect lives worldwide will now become true in everything we do.”

With regard to the ongoing Corona pandemic, schülke will continue to support its customers in the best possible way and provide them with the required and needed products. The entire schülke team is doing an immense job and remains highly motivated in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

schülke news! – Schülke Welcomes Digital Marketing & Market Manager

Marissa Campbell has joined schülke inc. as the Digital Marketing & Market Manager.

Marissa earned her MBA from Dominican College, Orangeburg, NY in 2014. She has more than eight years of experience in the fields of Marketing, Communications and Sales. Marissa has a background in tradeshow organization, product packaging process, website management, and email marketing campaigns. She has knowledge in the food, promotional, and medical; manufacturing industries. In this new position, Marissa will direct the marketing efforts for the US team.

Please join the US team in welcoming our newest member: Marissa Campbell!

schülke news! – sensiva® SC 50 – more than a preservative

sensiva® SC 50 is a real multifunctional additive with synergy, boosting, moisturizing and odor-reducing efficacy

schülke’s launch of sensiva® SC 50 (ethylhexylglycerin) gave the personal care industry its first truly multifunctional additive, combining antimicrobial boosting with additional functions:

  • ● In-vitro tests show a selective activity on odor-causing Gram-positive bacteria. sensiva® SC 50 can be used as a deodorant active. It has minimal effect on the microbiome as compared to triclosan, which indiscriminately eliminated all microorganisms.

  • ● Studies combining sensiva® SC 50 with alcohols and glycols prove a true synergy, boosting preservative and antimicrobial efficacy in finished formulations.

  • ● As a medium-spreading emollient, ethylhexylglycerin is able to improve the skin-feel of personal care formulations. sensiva® SC 50 in combination with glycerin can produce a formulation that feels less tacky and greasy, with improved penetration and lower soaping.

The recent pandemic has refocused the world’s attention on antimicrobials. With increasing use of hand sanitizers, the prevalence of dry, irritated hands is a real issue. sensiva® SC 50 not only boosts the antimicrobial efficacy, it also helps to improve the moisturization of the skin after use.

Prevention of contamination, both on skin and in product, has never been more important to manufacturers and consumers. This is familiar territory to schülke, which was founded in 1889 with the singular focus to protect people and products worldwide against infection and microbial contamination.

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schülke news! – new preservation video

Our friends at PCPC recently posted an excellent and very accessible video about preservatives featuring industry expert Dr. Zoe Draelos. Go check it out!

Dr. Draelos answers key questions about preservatives, including:

  • • What are preservatives?
  • • What are parabens?
  • • Why can't manufacturers replace older preservatives with newer ones?
watch the video now (2 min.)

schülke news! – Acquisition of schülke by EQT completed

schülke and EQT, a global investment organization, today announced that the acquisition of the hygiene solutions provider has been completed. schülke welcomes EQT as their new shareholder and partner. Founded in 1889 in Hamburg, schülke’s mission is to protect lives worldwide by providing critical hygiene solutions that effectively combat risks for humans and materials from infection and contamination.

“We are excited to welcome EQT as our new shareholder. Together we will make further progress in our mission to protect lives worldwide. We are also pleased that schülke will continue its 130-year long success story as an independent leader in the field of infection prevention. True to our strategy, we will continue to focus on launching new and innovative products and leveraging our customer partnerships worldwide,” says Christian Last, CEO schülke.

Together with EQT, schülke will shape the continuous development and growth of the company, based on shared and sustainable values. EQT will support schülke and the management team, led by CEO Christian Last, in their next phase of growth and innovation to further strengthen schülke’s brand and market position.

“schülke is a very impressive company with a long track record of developing innovative hygiene solutions to help protect people’s health. The dedication and hard work of the entire team during the current pandemic has underlined this once again. EQT is now looking forward to supporting schülke’s management team as the company enters the next chapter of its long growth history,” says Matthias Wittkowski, Partner at EQT Partners.

With regard to the current crisis situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, schülke will continue to provide its customers with the best possible support and supply them with the required products. The entire schülke team is dedicated and focused on supporting customers and society at large during these challenging times.

The US market will continue to be supported by schülke, inc., receiving the same high-quality preservation and booster products as well as peerless support and service.

schülke news! – good to know... general schülke Information about the microbiome

schülke presents, "The Skin Microbiome" - a free PDF document explaining the microbiome and what it means to your formulations. Click here to download a copy!

schülke news! – Textured hair formulation guide now available

Textured hair needs special care. So do the products formulated to treat textured hair. The highly moisturizing products used to tame curls and minimize frizz can contain high levels of natural oils that make these formulations difficult to preserve. Styling aids containing high levels of nonionic emulsifiers can pose problems for many preservative systems. The preservative experts at schülke have studied a wide variety of products specifically designed for use on textured hair to discover the best solutions for your formulations.

schülke’s new guide for textured hair contains formulations for basic care (washing, conditioning), treatment (hair, scalp) and styling; including challenge test results showing the best preservative systems for each formula. Click here to request a copy!

Let schülke be the resource for even your toughest preservative questions. With over 130 years of experience solving hygiene and preservation problems, at schülke we have a preservative solution for almost every formulation.

Textured hair products require safe and effective contamination prevention. schülke has developed proven safeguards to keep your products protected. Contact our experts – we’re here to help.

schülke news! – New clean, green, safe and effective preservatives

COVID-19 has made the personal care consumer more aware of the safety concerns presented by unwanted microorganisms. Over the last few years, the focus has shifted from natural products, to clean products, and now has expanded to include safety and efficacy. No longer is it enough to be green, a product must also be safe for both the user and the environment, as well as being effectively protected against microbial contamination.

schülke is pleased to announce the launch of two new products, expanding our line of clean, green, safe and effective personal care preservatives – euxyl® ECO 910 and effisin® LA natural.

euxyl® ECO 910 is EcoCert verified and COSMOS approved. It is perfect for certified-natural cosmetics and effective in anionic, cationic and nonionic systems. Its fresh, citrus scent is a bonus for leave-on and rinse-off applications. euxyl® ECO 910 is broad spectrum, biodegradable and is effective up to pH 8, well above the pH where of many other natural preservatives lose efficacy.

effisin® LA natural is effective protection against bacterial contamination. It contains a well-known skin conditioning agent and is sourced from non-GMO corn. It can be used in a wide variety of personal care products. effisin® LA natural is highly water soluble and biodegradable and can be used to mask unwanted odors of other formulation components.

These two new products join our euxyl® K 712, euxyl® K 903 and sensiva® PA 40 offering clean, green, safe and effective microbial protection for personal care products.

At schülke, we understand the safety and environmental demands of formulation protection, because at schülke we protect lives worldwide.

schülke news! - FDA hand sanitizer news

COVID-19 has made the use of hand sanitizers a way of life for many Americans. To improve access to this vital product, the US FDA published a Temporary Policy for Preparation of Certain Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Products During the Public Health Emergency (COVID-19). This guidance was updated on June 1, 2020 to set limits for impurities that might be present in ethanol produced via fermentation and distillation in certain industrial settings that have been allowed by this policy.

Additional information can be found at:

FDA Statement, COVID-19: FDA Takes Action to Protect Public Health; Increase Supply of Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer

The health and safety of our customers and yours are of the utmost importance to us at schülke. We will continue to keep you updated on changes as we become aware of them.

At schülke, we keep you informed because at schülke we protect lives worldwide.


schülke news! - We have moved

Our new address is:
75 Lane Road
Suite 203
Fairfield, NJ 07004

Please note that schulke inc has moved to a new location, better suited to support our growth and to help us continue to serve your needs. We would like to ask all our valued customers to please update their records.

schülke news! - schülke inc. goes Social

schülke inc. has gone social! The schülke inc. LinkedIn page went live Wednesday, May 20. Follow us for news, special interest links, and fun facts. Find out more about schülke. Learn about product launches and how to find us at exhibitions. We will be adding new postings several times each week, so stop by often.

The entire schülke inc. family is thrilled to be able to invite you to get to know us better. Please (virtually) stop by and say hello!

schülke news! - ecovadis BRONZE Medal for Sustainability

Ecovadis is a platform enabling companies to monitor the Sustainability performance of their suppliers. The objective of the Ecovadis Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Rating methodology is to assess the quality of a company’s CSR management system, through its policies, implementation measures and results. The assessment focuses on following themes:

  • ● environment
  • ● labor practices & human rights
  • ● fair business practices and
  • ● sustainable procurement.

The criteria are based upon international CSR standards such as:
  • ● the UN Global Compact Principles
  • ● the International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions
  • ● the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standard
  • ● the ISO 26000 standard, core subjects are: Human rights, Labor practices, the environment, fair operating practices, consumer issues, Organizational Governance
  • ● the CERES principles: the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies (CERES) comprises investors, environmental, religious and public interest groups
  • ● UN Guiding principles on Business and Human rights

schülke group maintained its BRONZE medal status for 2020. For further information visit their website

schülke news! - Handwashes & Sanitizer

World health officials agree that one of the best ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and many other infectious diseases is to wash your hands frequently and, in the absence of water, use hand sanitizer often.

Schülke has been in the business of infection prevention since our founding over 130 years ago. Beginning with the development of the world’s first branded disinfectant, Lysol®, which was instrumental in helping to contain a raging cholera epidemic in Hamburg, Germany in 1892, through today’s modern personal care preservatives and multifunctionals, schülke has been focused on our most important mission: we protect lives worldwide.

schülke’s many years of experience in blending known preservatives and multifunctional preservative boosters allows us to offer a wide range of optimized preservation systems suitable for cleansing and other personal care products.

Our euxyl® K700 series (including euxyl® K 712 and euxyl® K 703) is based on organic acids with a low irritation profile and provide an effective, broad spectrum protection for personal cleansing products, such as hand washes, which are in high demand these days. More traditional preservation systems for rinse-off products include euxyl® K 100, introduced by schülke in 1978. This powerful blend provides exceptional preservative activity in rinse-off products at levels as low as 0.03%.

As the current environment has shifted society into more conscious hand cleaning and sanitizing habits, the natural skin barrier is clearly impacted. Our sensiva® SC 50 is an effective multifunctional booster for other antimicrobials, working in synergy with short-chain alcohols and glycols. It is compatible with thickening systems, such as carbomers and acrylates copolymers, intended to be used in hand sanitizer gels*. In addition, sensiva® SC 50 offers spreading and emolliency properties, improving skin feel and moisturization, making it suitable for these types of formulations.

We at schülke, hope that you and your loved ones remain healthy and safe. As we all work together through this difficult time, we want to confirm our commitment to all of our customers. We are doing our best under the given situation to assure that your questions are answered and your orders are processed. Please feel free to contact us at any time and we will be happy to assist you in formulating these types of personal care products. Our new, redesigned website offers you the appropriate preservatives and multifunctional ingredients to use based on your product needs.

At schülke, we care about your safety, because at schülke...we protect lives worldwide.

For more information please contact:

Ingrid Chirico
Linda B. Sedlewicz

*Hand sanitizers is an FDA monographed drug category. Please refer to the FDA Ruling for further details. The FDA has recently issued specific guidelines for temporary making of hand sanitizers in alignment with the WHO (World Health Organization). Please see the published guidelines for further information.

schülke news! - Secure US Source for Preservatives

COVID-19 has made everyone keenly aware of supply chains and how they can be impacted by global emergencies. With the lockdown of several countries involved in the supply of raw materials, such as India where their lookdown was recently extended to May 3rd , it has become apparent that it is even more important to have a US-based source of raw materials that you can trust.

schülke inc. is pleased to announce that our new US manufacturing facility is fully functional. Our most important product, euxyl® PE 9010, is in full production. Our sources of phenoxyethanol and ethylhexylglycerin are fully secured and safe from supply chain interruptions.

As we all work together through this difficult time, we want to confirm our commitment to all of our customers. We are working hard to ensure that your questions are answered and your orders are processed. Please feel free to contact us at any time and we will be happy to assist you. All of us at schülke, hope that you and your loved ones remain healthy and safe. At schülke, we care about your safety, because at schülke...we protect lives worldwide.

PC Newsflash 2020/ No. 08

Our new video: CosPET

Our new video: CosPET Let’s have a look to our newest video "CosPET" on youtube: CLICK HERE!

It is a simple insight of what is to consider around the testing and how you get a safe and well preserved cosmetic product!

Feel free to show this video to your customers and business partners. Find the post for this new video also on LinkedIn!

PC Newsflash 2020/ No. 07

euxyl® ECO 910 has been granted COSMOS attestation

We are happy to share with you the news that euxyl® ECO 910 has been granted attestation of conformity with COSMOS standard by ECOCERT!

ECOCERT is an international, independent auditing association based in France and an authorised certification body for the COSMOS-standard which defines criteria for organic and natural cosmetics. As written in the attached document the conformity of euxyl® ECO 910 has been established according to the requirements related to the raw materials contained in this standard. The attestation makes it easier for our customers to obtain a COSMOS certification for their individual product since they can refer to it in the documentation process.

Just for clarification, here again the information I sent last year. Also the ingredients of euxyl® K 712 and euxyl® K 903 are approved according to appendix V of the COSMOS standard. Preservatives like Dehydroacetic Acid, Benzoic acid and Benzyl Alcohol are NNI (Non-Natural Ingredient - Preservatives and denaturing agents from petrochemical origin) and accepted in cosmetic products up to a limit of 2% (due to the lack of alternatives). However, ECOCERT does not issue attestation for blends with 100% petrochemical and NNI ingredients. euxyl® ECO 910 contains 10.2% physically processed agro-ingredients due to the natural Lemongrass Oil and is therefore able to obtain the attestation.

The attestation will also be saved on the AT database with the product at product launch. We can use the Logo above for the promotion of euxyl® ECO 910. In case of interest we will send out further information to this with the launch material.

Irina Agro has joined schülke inc. as the Global Key Accounts Manager. She brings with her 10 years of international sales experience in fields including life science, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals. Prior to joining schüulke, Irina held the title of International Sales Manager with Spex Certiprep and various international sales related positions at Benchmark Scientific. In this new position, Irina will take over the stewardship, growth and development of Global Key Accounts; including Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson and Unilever.

SAI Newsflash 2019/ No. 33

Rutgers University Presentation

On February 19, schülke was invited by Rutgers University in New Jersey to do a small presentation on “Fundamentals on Preservation in Personal Care Products” to the students enrolled in the Masters Program of Cosmetic Science.

Ingrid Chirico, Distributor Network Manager at schülke, inc. gave the presentation in front of 25 students present in the classroom as well as additional students taking the course online. 2/3rds of these students are currently working in the personal care industry, and many of them are already schülke customers.

These type of events are great exposure to promote schülke products, and we hope to keep the collaboration with other universities and entities in the industry on future events.

SAI Newsflash 2018/ No. 32

NYSCC Suppliers´ Day

In May schülke Inc. USA attended The New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists Suppliers Day.

“Suppliers Day” is the largest exhibition in the world aimed at connecting cosmetic formulating chemists with material and service suppliers. They call it “A global ingredients marketplace”. This year the event attracted 9,427 registrants, representing 58 countries. It is a two day event that takes place at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York.

It really is a unique opportunity to both meet and connect with customers and discuss new developments and study the cosmetic market. We also had guests for the show; Dr Sonja Luethje, Jana Ruffert and Arne Roettger from Norderstedt. They enjoyed mixing the exhibition with New York hospitality in the City that never sleeps. Like the busy City the event was filled with lots of opportunities to engage with customers and sales partners. A trusting and fruitful environment created supportive discussions about natural ingredients, the status of schulke as an expert and the need of non EU products for the US market (already in discussion within schulke in the last days).

The theme of Suppliers Day this year was the “the Art and Science of Formulation”. We took this theme and modified it to “Art of Preservation” for our show advertising (see below).

To further key-in with the artistic theme we had our Marketing Consultant; Joshua West painting copies of our product brochure cover-art live on the stand. This proved an instant hit with people gathering around the stand to watch him paint!

After two days of the show we then attend the schülke USA Personal Care Annual Meeting. In this we sit with our US Distributor and Agent network and discuss current, ongoing and future business. Alongside this Jana educated the salesforce on euxy®l K720 and Dr Sonja Luethje trained us all on The Chances and Challenges of Preservative Development.

Overall it was a wonderful experience where we all learned more about the US and global market and schülke’s future direction.

Like butterflies assist with pollen dispersal for flowers, euxyl® K 900 contains a multifunctional preservative booster to increase the microbiological stability of your formulations. This new product is a versatile, cost-effective solution for your leave-on, wet wipe and sensitive formulas.

euxyl® K 900 is the latest addition to schülke’s family of gentle preservation systems, including euxyl® PE 9010 and sensiva® PA 20. These products all share the same preservative boosting ingredient, leading to effective preservation at low concentration levels.

schülke introduces the latest in its line of enhanced preservative systems, euxyl® K 940. euxyl® K 940 contains an intelligent combination of preservative actives with the emollient and booster, ethylhexylglycerin, to deliver a product of superior performance for a wide range of product types. It can be used at low levels when formulating products for sensitive skin. Hard-to-preserve systems can be formulated using higher levels without the danger of exceeding regulatory limits.

euxyl® K 940 is globally approved, virtually colorless, with a very low odor. It is stable to hydrolysis and pH and can be used in most formulation types.

schülke announces the relaunch of its euxyl® K 903, now with natural tocopherol, to meet the needs of formulators to have a preservative that works efficiently, yet is natural and gentle enough for sensitive product applications. Based on naturally occurring ingredients, and now stabilized with natural tocopherol, euxyl® K 903 meets the requirements of many certification bodies, including Ecocert, NATRUE and COSMOS.

The combination of benzyl alcohol with organic acids in euxyl® K 903 is an extremely effective preservative, yet gentle enough for eye-area products where the reduction of sting potential is important. euxyl® K 903 is also an excellent choice for use in baby wipes and other products, where mild gentleness to the skin is required.