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Quality assurance with mikrocount® combi

In addition to production hygiene measures, hygiene guidelines and quality assurance concepts require routine hygiene controls during the production process and documentation of the results. mikrocount® combi provides every operation with individual means of rapid and reliable hygiene controls. These dipslides can be used for testing raw materials, for in-process controls during the production process, for quality control of finished products, and in water-mixed coolants.

mikrocount® combi dipslides enable simple sampling and evaluation of the results, even by personnel without any microbiological training. Special laboratory equipment is not necessary.

  • • Evaluation of total germ count
  • • Simple application
  • • Fast, safe and easy
  • • Precise and reliable
  • • Economical to use
  • • Separate evaluation of bacteria, yeast and mold


About mikrocount® combi:

mikrocount® combi is a plastic slide coated on one side with TTC agar (bacterial growth) and on the other side with Rose-bengal agar (yeast and mold growth).

mikrocount® combi is manufactured under aseptic conditions. The agar surfaces contain no toxic ingredients that could be transferred to the products being tested.

Furthermore, this dipslide is supplied with a transparent, shatterproof protective tube. Subsequent contamination is therefore prevented and the results can be evaluated with the tube sealed, thus avoiding the risk of contamination to employees.

With strict production standards, we guarantee that mikrocount® combi is a product of consistent high quality.

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