preservation is everything

schülke’s natural line protects more than your products from contamination. Our products, like the new effisin® LA natural, are more efficient; they require a lower usage percentage to effectively protect your formulations. This means less resources are used, which helps protect the environment.

effisin® LA natural is effective protection against bacterial contamination. Sourced from non-GMO corn, it can be used in a wide variety of personal care products.

@schülke, we understand the complex and ever-changing demands of personal care formulation preservation, because, at schülke, we understand that preservation is everything.

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  • Other natural and nature-identical products from schülke:

    euxyl® ECO 910 - NEW!
    natural preservative for pH up to 8.0 - natural/nature-identical preservative; compliant with natural certifying bodies

    euxyl® K 712
    compliant with most natural certification bodies

    euxyl® K 903
    nature-identical; compliant with most natural certification bodies

    sensiva® PA 30
    natural/nature-identical multifunctional; helps maintain microbiological stability

    sensiva® PA 40
    perfect for sunscreens and other difficult-to-preserve products; natural/nature-identical multifunctional; helps maintain microbiological stability

  • schülke — our expertise from preservation to multifunctional additives

    Since 1889, schülke has been one of the world‘s leading names in preservation and industrial hygiene. Our products and services help you to protect people and materials against infection and contamination.

    Our euxyl® brand provides numerous preservative blends for the cosmetic industry. These optimized combinations of active substances offer broad spectrum efficacy, keeping cosmetic products free of microbial growth.

    Our sensiva® brand includes versatile, multifunctional skin care additives for personal care products. Their unique properties make them suitable for use in a wide range of cosmetic applications — including creams, lotions and deodorants.

    Our sensidin® brand provides excellent efficacy in deodorants at very low use concentrations.

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