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In summary, we have achieved positive results in our Sustainability Program 2011-2013.

In particular, we have succeeded in the long-term establishment of the issue of energy efficiency at the Norderstedt plant through the introduction of energy management measures.

For the future, a number of measures for the efficient operation of our energy supply systems were put into place.

Also in the topic area, „use of alternative and renewable forms of energy“, we have taken important steps towards securing our energy supply through measures for using photovoltaic or force-heat coupling.


Goal Achievement Results of our Sustainability Program 2014-2016

No. Environmental Issue Measure Goal Deadline
1 Use of renewable energy Make possible the installation of a photovoltaic system on the roof of the logistics center to supply power Self-sufficient power supply for the logistics center and simultaneous return of 20% to the main supply 2015
2 Improving energy efficiency Develop a feasibility study on the use of CHP for direct heat and indirect cooling and the simultaneous use of generator power for independent energy production Determine the feasibility and the associated cost and energy savings 2015
3 Improving energy efficiency Test the energy use of high-calorie product residues in the exhaust combustion process Reduce gas consumption for exhaust combustion by 40% 2015
4 Improving energy efficiency Establish a power management system:
Develop an energy accounting system for electricity, heat, water and compressed air
Introduce key figures and indicators for consumption data analysis 2015
5 Improving energy efficiency Energy supply:
Optimize compressed air generation by employing efficient technology
Reduce specific power consumption for compressed air production by 30% 2015
6 Improving energy efficiency Energy supply – lighting:
Convert the lighting system for the logistics center to LED industrial lighting
Reduce electricity consumption by 50% 2015
7 Systemic, controllable improvement of employee performance Introduce the Learning Management System (LMS) and Training Management System (TMS) Create uniform standards for all departments according to the requirements
of the parent company. Regular training to improve performance
8 Long-term employee development - Introduce LMS and TMS
- Conduct career interviews
- Monitor employee interviews in
Management Review
- Common Campus Management with
- Identify and recognize expertise
- Reward performance and commitment
Select appropriate employees and correctly position them in the group, promote employees based on their performance, regardless of nationality, sex, age, ethnic background, and education, Technical Career Ladder for suitable employees 31.12.2016

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