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Rudolf Schülke Foundation

The Rudolf Schülke Foundation has its own website. The site introduces the foundation in German and English and provides information on its activities. Every two years the Rudolf Schülke Foundation awards a Hygiene Prize to scientists who have found exceptional solutions to problems in the fields of hygiene, microbiology and preventive medicine.

The prize for 2013 was awarded for outstanding research in the areas of hygiene, microbiology, public health.

On November 29, 2013 in Hamburg, four scientists from four nations were honored with the prestigious Hygiene Awards of the Foundation. The hygiene prize, worth €15,000, was shared by the team of Prof. Dr. Oliver Schildgen, Clinics of Cologne at the University Hospital Witten/Herdecke (Kliniken der Stadt Köln am Universitätsklinikum Witten/Herdecke), for their work on the genetics and pathogenicity of the Boca virus; and Dr. Christian Mair from the team of Prof. Dr. Markus Nagel, Innsbruck Medical University (Medizinische Universität Innsbruck), for the study of the antiseptic properties of N-chlorotaurine.

An additional distinction is the Hygieia Medal, which was presented on the same day. The awards went to Professor Sally Bloomfield, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, for her lifetime achievements in the field of applied hygiene and infection prevention and Prof. William Rutala, Univerity of North Carolina, USA. Prof. William Rutala has shaped medical hygiene in the United States and beyond. In his numerous publications, he has cried out about infectious diseases, hygiene, disinfection, sterilization and disposal of medical waste, whereby his sustained commitment and sound knowledge are expressed. These have been incorporated into a variety of book chapters, guidelines, and recommendations.


Payroll Giving

For a professional startup site or prototype.

To support non-profit organizations, schülke established Payroll Giving, i.e. a residual-cent donation policy, in a company agreement. This means monthly paychecks are rounded down by a maximum of 99 cents and the difference is donated. Of course each employee is free to donate more.

We were able to put this company agreement into effect in July 2013, as more than 20% of employees had given their consent. A total of 206 employees donated in 2013.

During the period from July to December, € 1,221.97 was raised, allowing us to transfer €610 each in donations to two non-profit organizations. The two recipients of these donations are the Norderstedter Tafel e.V. (who collect food for people in need) and Paulinchen e.V. (a parents‘ initiative for children with burn injuries).

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