Environmental Policy

Since our first sustainability report was drawn up in 2008, annual production has increased by about 35% to our current 34,400 t/year. This was only possible through building and facility investments. Meanwhile, a new logistics center and a new production hall with an area of more than 10,000 m2 were put into operation. At the same time, we were able to modernize many existing plants. By optimizing processes and improving technology, we have been able to reduce our power consumption.

The sparing use of resources and compliance with environmental requirements form the basis of our operational environmental protection. Optimizing environmental performance is an integral part of our ongoing improvement process.

To improve energy efficiency, we have decided to introduce an energy management system. Through the use of efficient technology, for example in lighting, and through the reduction of energy consumption in buildings, the cost of specific energy consumption should continue to be reduced.

We hope to protect natural resources through further reduction of emissions and waste products.

Through targeted safety analyses and regular emergency drills we minimize the risk of malfunctions that might impact the environment. An alarm and hazard control management system coordinated with the approval agency is used for these purposes.

In our guidelines we have established our environmental policy as follows:
  • Through environmentally friendly practices above and beyond the implementation of existing laws, we aim to continually reduce our impact on the environment and thereby act as role models.
  • We continually improve our products and processes with the aim of minimizing environmental impact while protecting resources.
  • We encourage a sense of environmental responsibility in all of our employees and expect them to act accordingly.
  • We help our clients with ecological questions about our products and services and maintain an open dialogue about the environmental aspects of our products and processes.

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