Business Areas

Our mission is to fight global disease and contamination before they occur. We develop, produce, and distribute over 200 products around the world. These include disinfectants, antiseptics, medicated skin care products, preservatives, deodorants, and system cleaners. As medical products, biocides, pharmaceuticals, or cosmetics, our products are all subject to different rules and regulations, so we must meet a wide variety of legal requirements.

We offer innovative technologies, products, and services in two core business areas: the area of Hygiene International (HI) and the area of Special Additives International (SAI).

Hygiene International

The goal of our product line in the HI department is to create complete hygiene chains. We offer products for hand and skin disinfection, skin cleaning and care products, as well as disinfectant solutions for medical surfaces such as floors, walls, and instruments. Our buyers include hospitals; doctor, dentist, and veterinary practices; and medical labs and beauty salons. In addition to selling our products, we offer comprehensive consulting, training, services, and devices. Another part of the industry that falls under our area of expertise is the hygienic production of products such as food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

Particularly important in the area of HI are our innovative products based on Octenidine, which are very effective in disinfecting mucous membrane and treating open wounds, do not burn in open wounds, and are very environmentally friendly.

Special Additives International

In the SAI department, we sell preservatives and additives for industrial use, for example in the cosmetics, paint, polish, and metal processing industries. The efficient and responsible use of preservatives is at the forefront of our work. Our range of services therefore also includes a holistic approach to microbiological quality management (MGM). To ensure an optimal combination of production hygiene and product preservation for the industry, we offer services such as analyses of the hygienic status in businesses, training of personnel, consulting on the design of production facilities, and detailed hygiene plans.

In the area of SAI our Oxadermol-based products are particularly significant due to their versatile usability and environmental sustainability.