grotamar® 71

How did you hear about grotamar® 71?

grotamar® 71 from schülke is a liquid biocide preservative for diesel fuels that rapidly kills and controls microbial contamination. It has a broad, balanced spectrum of effect (including sulfate-reducing bacteria), as well as outstanding anti-corrosive properties. grotamar® 71 has good solubility in diesel fuel and in water. It contains no nitrate, nitrosing agents or organically bound chlorine – therefore it has no effect on the AOX value. It a safe, long-lasting preservative with a proven history of effective use for over 50 years. grotamar® 71 has been approved as fuel additive (40CFR79), and is an exceptional preservative for diesel fuels and diesel fuel systems.

At a Glance:

  • Treats diesel fuels (including biofuels)
  • Concentrates into water where the microbes live in the fuel system
  • Prevents sludge formation in fuel tank water and the fuel
  • Effective corrosion protection
  • Rapidly kills and controls microbial contamination (sometimes called MBC)
  • Broad activity spectrum against microorganisms
  • Highly effective
  • Economical long-term protection of tank, lines and engines
  • No corrosive combustion products
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    About grotamar® 71

    Wherever possible, drain all water from the tank before adding grotamar® 71. Then, add to the tank when it is about one-third full. grotamar® will be mixed into the system as the tank is filled up. It will concentrate into any wet sludge or residual water and start to work immediately. The amount to add depends on the total tank volume and the degree of microbial contamination.
    For a heavily-contaminated fuel system, where there is visible sludge or if technical malfunction such as filter blockage has occurred, apply a SHOCK DOSE. If possible, drain off any residual water and dead bio-sludge again about 24 hours after grotamar® 71 treatment. In cases of extremely severe sludge formation, the fuel system (tank, fuel lines, filters) should be cleaned before using grotamar® 71. If heavily contaminated tanks are not cleaned before treatment in some case it may initially be necessary to change fuel filters more frequently as grotamar® clears the bio-sludge from the system.

    Who should use grotamar® 71

  • Fuel importers and refiners
  • Fuel distribution terminals, depots and bunkering facilities
  • Gas station operators
  • Bus and truck fleet operators and other fuel users
  • Ship operators
  • Agricultural and construction industry
  • Naval vessels and military ground vehicles

  • For advice on treating tanks and systems please contact us.

    References and approvals:

    Automobile and engine manufacturer
    Daimler AG
    MAN AG
    MTU - Friedrichshafen GmbH
    Deutz AG

    International Oil Companies
    Major oil companies and fuel suppliers are using grotamar® to treat contaminated fuel.

    Military / NATO
    United Kingdom
    Swiss Army

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