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Like butterflies assist with pollen dispersal for flowers, euxyl® K 900 contains a multifunctional preservative booster to increase the microbiological stability of your formulations. This new product is a versatile, cost-effective solution for your leave-on, wet wipe and sensitive formulas.

euxyl® K 900 joins schülke's family of gentle preservation systems, including euxyl® PE 9010 and sensiva® PA 20. These products all share the same preservative boosting ingredient, leading to effective preservation at low concentration levels.

euxyl® K 900 contains a common fragrance component that exhibits antimicrobial activity. This activity is boosted by the addition of ethylhexylglycerin. The combination can be used to provide antimicrobial stability to a variety of cosmetic formulations. Challenge tests performed on a variety of cosmetic formulations show euxyl® K 900 to be an effective antimicrobial stabilizer at a use level of 0.5-1.1%.

With euxy® K 900, schülke has taken the next step in the evolution of its product family. By combining gentle synthetic components, euxyl® K 900 has enhanced the efficiency and efficacy of traditional preservation systems.

Let us make your product enhanced – by design.

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Product description

euxyl® K 900 is a liquid cosmetic preservative based on benzyl alcohol and ethylhexylglycerin. The addition of ethylhexylglycerin affects the interfacial tension at the cell membrane of microorganisms, improving the preservative activity of benzyl alcohol.

It has a broad, balanced spectrum of effect against bacteria, yeast and mold fungi, and euxyl® K 900 is ideal for leave-on or rinse-off products.