Bridging the Gap

schülke bridges the gap with euxyl® and sensiva®
Consumers want natural products that are effective, but are also safe and sustainable. To bridge this gap, schülke provides euxyl® and sensiva® multifunctional cosmetic additives that are peerless protection for your leave-on, wet-wipe, and sensitive skin applications.

sensiva® multifunctional additives boost the antimicrobial efficacy of your products, improve skin-feel of your formulations, and are effective against odor-causing germs.

euxyl® products offer optimum preservation to fit your every need, in an easy-to-use, energy-saving liquid form.

schülke understands the complex demands of cosmetics formulation. Let us help you bridge the preservation gap. Click the tabs above to find out more about euxyl® and sensiva®

smooth — safe — sensiva®

sensiva® products from schülke are unique, versatile preparations that boost preservative effectiveness and feel silky-smooth to the touch. They open up new possibilities for cosmetic formulations, to help you create better products.

sensiva® products are:
  • versatile skin care additives
  • applicable in a wide variety of cosmetic products
  • emollient and mild humectant
  • boosters for traditional preservative actives
  • antimicrobial stabilizer blends

  • More sensiva® products:
  • sensiva® SC 10
  • sensiva® SC 50
  • sensiva® PA 20
  • sensiva® PA 30
  • sensiva® PA 40

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    efficient — by design

    euxyl® from schülke is a family of multicomponent preservative systems that makes formulating simpler. With a wide variety of chemistries to choose from, there is a euxyl® product to meet almost any preservation need.

    euxyl® gives you:
  • Proven broad spectrum efficacy
  • Easy-handling liquid blends
  • Preservatives for leave-on products
  • Preservatives for rinse-off products
  • Preservatives for wet-wipe products

  • More euxyl® products:

  • euxyl® PE 9010
  • euxyl® K 700
  • euxyl® K 900 - NEW!
  • euxyl® K 903 - NEW!

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